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If your chips were down in 2018, things are about to change for the better.

Enter Natch, a sexy new snack company that’s upping your chips game, ensuring that your munchies tick all the right boxes - vegan, plus GMO, gluten, trans fat and dairy-free. The Natch team believes in no nasties, that product labels should "not be scary", which makes these the Rom Coms of snacks.

Browse their offerings, available at, which include crunchy coconut chips; our favourite Thai mango slices, dried out and packed bare or with a chilli kick; never-fried popped whole grain chips made from corn, brown, black and red rice sourced from sustainable farms in South East Asia; and delicious rice crackers made from Thai sticky rice and sprinkled with just the right amount of salt, sugar and sesame butter, flavours reminiscent of your last big feast in Bangkok.

These healthy, low cal snacks are great to pack in your kids' snack boxes, to have at your house parties, and also to start the new year with, because who doesn't want to snack guilt-free, all through 2019!

Getting there: Visit:, follow them on Facebook here, Instagram here & Twitter here, buy at amazon here.

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