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***This post is sponsored by The Irish House***

Your painful year of wondering whether “R + L = J” is about to come to a boozy end. The Irish House throws you a month-long ‘The Ice & Fire Festival’ with seven special cocktails that honour the seven kingdoms of your fantasy-land. Call it a Bar-a-th(e)on!

Prep for the hard winter, endless war and dramatic secrets of Game Of Thrones’ final season with seven drinks you’d push a baby out of a window for (Okay fine, a French window and a gentle nudge). Sit down with a carafe and tumbler of Cersei’s Sangria, a rum + red wine + pineapple potion we’re pretty sure La Lannister herself would appreciate. A kahlua and rum ‘Whitewalker’ is potent enough to raise the dead; a ‘Dragon’s Breath’ made with tequila, on the other hand, could kill a man as elegantly as Danaerys Targaryen.

If you’re feeling extra-frisky, take a chance on a drink strong enough to power all Westeros and tell us how it goes: the ‘Seven Kingdoms’ cocktail features seven kinds of alcohol topped with Red Bull. Some fries with that?

To top things off, get yourself a trivia test that earns you many brownie points from fellow GoT nerds. On Wednesday August 23, just before season ends, you get a chance to participate in GoT Trivia Night at The Irish House Bandra. Win and you get to score cool show merchandise from Red Wolf, plus bragging rights to tell everyone else “I drink and I know things.” Valar Morghulis!

Getting there: Find your nearest Irish House here. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram on @TheIrish_House; or on Facebook at @TheIrishHouseIndia.

***This post is sponsored by The Irish House***

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