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***This post is sponsored by Foodhall***

Food is the music of love, as Shakespeare might have said under different circumstances. A concert for Valentine’s season is underway at Foodhall, where a cheese and wine symphony is currently underway to help woo your honey (or just love yourself a little better).

Drop in for elegant opening notes with their range of cheese platters, paddles and knives that will help you assemble a tasteful meal. Next, follow along with their dips and cream cheeses (which now include an all-vegan range -- try the lemon and coconut soy cream cheese or the blueberry cashew cream variety). Are you humming in the aisles yet?

To their full range of foreign cheeses, Foodhall adds an Indian strain, so you can take home fresh gur chenna, topli nu paneer, cottage cheese in yoghurt and Kalari, a Dogra cheese from Jammu. For duets, the produce section is ready with the freshest fruits, from cherries and strawberries (with brie) to figs (with pecorino romano) and plums (with gruyere). Bloom time!

Stop on your way out for some hearty, heartening gruyere and smoked chicken sandwiches (they’ll also do you caramelised onion + basil pesto + chevre), made specially to see you through your meticulous prep. Ready? Fortissimo!

Getting there: For inquiries call Foodhall @ Palladium, 30264581. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

***This post is sponsored by Foodhall***

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