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Now this is what you call #SnackGoals. They tell you at the outset, the folks at Flat Tummies - "we energise your aspirations, whatever form they might take."

Well, here are all-natural, gluten-free, vegan nutrition bars and cookies for those who exercise and for those who don't, for those who need extra energy reserves at work, for those prepping for the marathon, and for those who just generally want to live better. Like they say, no matter what your aspirations.

Flat Tummies was launched by a husband-wife duo; Yash Ponnanna used to head International Payments for Asia at PayPal and Monica Muthappa used to work as a scientist in a pharma company. This combined skill set led to both, an excellent product and an extensive network. Flat Tummies is available across 500 retailers in India, but thanks to hand-picked ingredients and personal gluten allergies, mass does not mean mediocre.

The health bars and cookies are built with care and cocoa, mindfulness and millet, so you can achieve your weight and health goals. Cookie monsters can keep handy Flat Tummies' Coffee Melts and Choco Melts cookies crafted with millet and ragi, and naturally sweetened with fruits and nuts, a great alternative to junk biscuits; or the Almond Flaxseed Jam Cookies that really hit the spot when you get that 5 pm dessert craving at work. 

Their range of pocket and purse snacks promise Vitamin (with orange), Protein (with cocoa) and Fibre (with mixed fruit) bars, perfect to carry to the gym, office or on a flight. See the full range of vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free snacks here. What's more? These are free from processed sugar and sweetened naturally by fruits and nuts, and give you the exact nutrition recommended per serving by nutritionists. 

Like they say over at the FT HQs - "Losing your tummy can be yummy." Yes, indeed. *Takes bite of Choco Melts cookes.*

Getting there: Shop at, also available at Nature's Basket, Big Basket, Amazon and other retailers, Rs 290 for a pack of 6 fiber bars.

*This post is sponsored by Flat Tummies*

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