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Master Sifu shares his infinite culinary wisdom at KOKO, where fifty new dishes from across China, Thailand and Japan can be tasted starting July 1.

Chef Master Eric Sifu has put together this new menu titled True Flavours of the Orient, featuring elegant hamachi salads and seasonal mango sushi rolls, flavourful broths and our favourite - a dumpling filled with soup.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Let's start at the very beginning - the newly added salad section starring Nikkei, a union of the choicest Hamachi, tuna and salmon cuts with romaine hearts and iceberg lettuce in a yuzu emulsion; Karafuru and Koko-San, tossed with purple cauliflower, Loloroso and Romanesco broccoli for the vegetarians.

Meanwhile, the sushi section gets ten new additions including a summer Chilli Mango roll; a Hoi Sin Duck one; and seafood variations with sushi cuts sourced straight from the Japanese Tsukiji market, known for its top quality produce. If you'd like to skip sushi - who are you?! - browse the 13 new small plates (7 vegetarian and 6 meaty ones) including Padron peppers, Fagara sweet potatoes, John Dory, Iberico Pork and Hamachi. While the Big Plates page has stunning Mandarin Black Pepper Crab and Singapore Chilli Crab, we believe all the action is in the dimsum section.

Behold the big soupy dumplings bursting with a flavourful broth. Other new dimsum fillings are Iberico Pork, Imperial Chicken, Tom Yum Prawns and a veggie Tom Yum Je.

And at the end, MasterChef Australia Season 9 finalist, Ben Ungermann takes the stage. Known for his incredible repertoire of ice creams, he's put together a list of desserts, among them The Lamington – a  raspberry-filled chocolate butter sponge confection served with coconut ice cream; Forest Log Law, a dark chocolate truffle mouse with meringue and hazelnut ice-cream; and the vegan Ben’s Pisang Goreng - banana fritters, banana mousse with a vegan coconut ice cream.

Take a bow!

Getting there: New menu available starting July 1, 2019, at KOKO, Kamala Mills, Lower Parel, call 7715963030 for reservations.

*This post is sponsored by KOKO*

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