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Close your eyes and imagine this: an audibly crisp taco crafted entirely of waffle cones, and filled with ice cream, Swiss cake, honey loops, cream puffs, brownie crumble, chocolate sauce, strawberry crush, roasted almonds and rainbow sprinkles. Now open your eyes, run to your closest Havmor ice cream parlour and eat this for real!

Welcome to the month-long Sundae Festival at Havmor parlours across India! Only until October 31 – so go now, and then again and again – scoops will be dressed in their sundae best, sporting whipped cream hats, waffle cone fascinators and pineapple crowns. For the festival, Havmor’s ice cream technicians have built eleven limited edition sundaes, rightly called the Showstopper Sundaes. These are made up of fruit and fanfare, chocolate and Oreo, ensuring that there’s a cup for every taste this month.

The Terrific Triple Treat

Those who’ve had a long day at work, get your Butterscotch on the Rocks (we imagine Don Draper would get this) dressed with caramel sauce and honey loops. The Fruit Overload, Fabulous Falooda and Strawberry Stunner work well for those who don’t like chocolate (who are you?!), but for those who do, the Choco Carnvial, Belgian Sensation and Hot Fudge Nut built with cookies and brownies and chocolate trimmings are obvious choices. 

The Belgian Sensation

The king of the showstoppers though, is that Taco Twist we told you about, a dessert deserving of its own Mexican fiesta. Enlist your friends to help you finish the giant sundaes and ask dates to co-spoon sweet strawberry somethings. Sigh!    

And the cherry on top is Havmor’s Sundae Crawl in Delhi on October 8 and in Mumbai on October 7, featuring a sundae-making tour, sundae tastings and a sundae-eating contest.

Ready, set, go! Last one at a Havmor parlour buys everyone ice cream.

Getting there: Sundae festival at Havmor parlours across India, on until October 31. Visit, follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on @HavmoreIcecreams.

***This post is sponsored by Havmor***

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