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With a toddy so good and the weather so fine, you’ll want to hug your drink. Then the pun ‘toddy bear’ will come to mind, but drive it away because, you know, it’s the kind of talk that pushes friends away. 

Lame wordplay not withstanding, you really need to spend this monsoon huddled up at The Bombay Canteen. The Lower Parel restaurant is running a special toddy and pakoda promotion that you can pair with the monsoons. 

Think crispy, golden bites of different pakoda varieties: the traditional Blooming Onion Pakoda (Rs 375) served with fiery, red, chilli chutney; the crunchy Channa Dal & Poi Saag Vada served alongside creamy rajma hummus (Rs 375); batter-fried, crunchy Quail 65 tossed in kadipatta and spices (Rs 625), and a new Bengal-inspired, mustard oil-laced Chingri Bharta Vada Pao with tamarind chutney & besan chura (Rs 425). 

At the bar, spicy, warm Toddies await, so you don’t have to weather the storm alone. Traditional toddy cocktails get a spin this season, re-imagined with fresh fruit and vegetables and infused with Hennessey. Pick between Appy Toddy (Rs 550), Hennessy VS, with baked apple & cinnamon puree, spice syrup, apple juice and a dash of lime; Pick-Me-Up Toddy (Rs 550), a comforting mix of fresh pumpkin & orange puree with apple juice and Hennessey; Rim Jhim Toddy (Rs 550) with house-made ginger-bread syrup, cider vinegar and ginger juice, and Hennessey. Our favourite pairing: Canteen Monsoon Toddy (Hennessey, pomegranate molasses, spiced watermelon syrup, ginger and bitters) coupled with spicy, meaty Choriz Pulao Fritters (Rs 425) with Kalimpong cheese and lime mayo dipping sauce. 

For those who don’t drink – go sit over there - Monsoon Toddies can also be made as non-alcoholic versions. All this is scrawled across their signature paper boat menu. 

Best sail ever. 

Getting there: The Bombay Canteen, Unit 1, Process House Opposite Power House Kamala Mills, S.B Road Lower Parel, call 49666666. Available from 12 noon to 3.30 pm and 6 pm to 11.30 pm.

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