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We've got a gut feeling that All Good Deli is one of the good ones.

Rebranded from its previous avatar to be even better, this restaurant at High Street Phoenix, focuses on clean eating, but not without taste, incorporating top quality local produce into global dishes.

While the All Good Deli's kitchen hits all the right buzz words - vegan, lean meats, gluten free, preservative free - it also ensures a thoughtful menu, consulted on by Moina Oberoi, founder at Mo's Kefir. So naturally, it's all good for your gut, plus the kitchen takes the time to make their own ketchups and colas from scratch, sans any preservatives. The fresh produce is sourced directly from farms for your fork.

Stop by this bright yellow happy place, and browse the menu that features open toast sandwiches, salads, soups, gluten-free pasta, and desserts. bpb recommends you stop by for their delicious breakfast scene - they have four types of poached eggs! - and order the gorgeous black rice and seafood risotto if you're here for lunch or dinner.

Hey All Good Deli, no need to fish for compliments. One bite of the seafood risotto, and we're hooked.

Getting there: Grand West Zone, High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel from 9 am to midnight, call 49785212, follow them on Instagram @allgooddeliofficial.

*This post is sponsored by All Good Deli*

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