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***This ad is sponsored by The Bombay Canteen***

What goes best with gloomy cloudy rainy days? Pakodas, you say, and you are right. For two out of two, though, your follow-up should be not chai (love it though we do) but toddy. Put your palm (tree)s up for The Bombay Canteen’s fabulous monsoon alternative, meant to leave you giddy with warmth!

On their special menu, they invite you to get your fingers into a bowl of comforting non-greasy pakodas. Find here the traditional Onion Pakoda that blooms, as well as uncommonly delicious match-ups like Moras Bhaji and Aloo Pakoda, paired with spinach- chili chutney. To go with, the Pick Me Up appears just in time laden with daaru, Hennessey, orange puree and apple juice. For round two, get your beak into Quail 65 and Mutton Cutletss (cutlets), served with homemade ketchup. On the side, nurse your kindly new Rim Jhim Toddy, doused in Hennessy with gingerbread syrup and ginger juice. Not a rainy-day sniffle out of you after this, now!

We’re already on round three ourselves, throwing back the desi Petha Pakoda Chaat -- Agra-vated action? -- with a zingy radish, cucumber and ginger chutney. To wash all that down, there’s Canteen Monsoon Toddy with spiced watermelon, pomegranate syrup and bitters. Splash!

Getting there: The Toddy menu is available between 12 pm to 3.30 pm and 6 pm to closing time at Unit 1, Process House, opp. Power House, Kmala Mills, Lower Parel. Call 02249666666 for reservations.

***This ad is sponsored by The Bombay Canteen***

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