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The Secret Supper Project has finally decided to come out of the closet. The result is a rainbow of dishes, bold and self-assured, delivered to your office everyday, just in time to make lunchtime gay

The transition from hush-hush to hello-world has been a year in the making, finally launching this December as Savor, a new gourmet lunch subscription service. We were grateful that founder Kanu stopped by our office on Thanksgiving day with a trial taste lunch, white boxes packed in a pearl paper bag folded down and pinched with a clothes peg. Gobble gobble. 

Inside, we found buttery mash potatoes with a side of lemon zest, garlic and parsley gremolata; heartypeppery gravy; a big box of fresh charred broccoli which would even make Calvin happy to have his greens; and balsamic figs with a dollop of cream. If this is any indication of what lunch will be like everyday, we’ll sing for our Savor.

Other sample menus up on their website, Savorexperiences.comseek inspiration from samurais, Federico Fellini and Jean Brillat-Savarin.

Eight And A Half

Kanu, an ex Goldman Sachs employee, wants us to think of Savor as a mom who loves to cook. “We give you taste, love, efficiency, and surprise – no meal will be repeated in a month.

Other sample menus up on their website, Savorexperiences.comseek inspiration from samurai(Katsudon tofu or pork, micro cabbage salad, sticky rice, matcha cheesecake); Federico Fellini (Frescarelli arrabbiatapecorino rolls, coffee and bitter chocolate biscotti); Jean Brillat-Savarin (wild mushroom crepes, Vichy carrots, fennel dauphinois, crème caramel) and others

Kanu hopes to get you excited about your meal, so that you don’t just eat lunch but Savor lunchtime. “During my breaks at Goldman, I used to take my lunch out to a park in Prabhadevi, often eating my ribollita picnic style. You want ribollita  (hearty Tuscan soup) for lunch too? Savor can help with that. As for the park, you will have to find your own weeds dealer. 

Getting there: Sign up for lunch on www.savorexperiences.comRs 450 per meal (including taxes) per day for a monthly plan. Savor starts as a pilot program in December, delivering only in Prabhadevi, Lower Parel and Worli, and will expand its delivery radius in January 2017. 

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