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So tenderly does he speak of pink oysters that this much is clear as day - Rohan Dawde puts the "mush" in mushrooms.
Rohan cultivates oyster mushrooms in Lonavla, consults with other farms that want to grow them, and supplies four varieties (pink, blue, grey, yellow) to some of the country's best gourmet stores, restaurants and hotels, including The Bombay Canteen, Foodhall, Uno Mas and The Trident. But mostly he just loves talking about mushrooms.

"The pink ones taste like ham; look at my blue oysters grow in small smaller clusters with delicate caps; and the yellow ones, ah, they're beautifully bitter, and can make any soup special."

Now here's where it gets interesting for you: The Mushroom Co has now started home delivering individual orders if you live in Bandra, Khar, Santacruz and Dadar. These oyster mushrooms are Rs 50 for a 200 gms pack, compared to gourmet stores that sell the same Mushroom Co packet at Rs 80 to Rs 200.

While they specialise in oyster mushrooms, Rohan & Co. offer seasonal specials too. These days he can be found staring wistfully at the clouds in anticipation of what he think is the best part of the monsoons - Lion's Mane mushrooms. Wood Ear as well.

When you call, also ask for The Mushroom Co's Grow Kits, whcih allow you to plant and nurture your own cluster of mushrooms with a small water spray and almost no sunlight. Do not however, try to make cheeky magic mushroom references. Rohan may put the 'mush' in mushrooms, but he does not put the 'fun' in fungi.

Note: Rohan also sells the special variety of black chicken you see on restaurant Instagram accounts (Rs 700/kg), which he supplies to the Taj and The Bombay Canteen.

Getting there: The Mushroom Co, call 9987057092, follow them on Instagram here.

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