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They’re laid out with military precision, prawns and chicken, quail eggs and corn, marching in tandem with eight different chutneys, all neatly displayed in pickle jars. This is the pakoda counter by brand new catering service Table Tango, and should be the chief guest at your next party.

Table Tango is the newest offering by the guy behind bpb - favourite Pack-A-Pav (hi Rohan Mangalorkar!), in partnership with Anuradhi Joshi, who also runs Charoli, specialising in Nawabi cuisine. Rohan describes it as a fully customised catering service, where everything from the menu cards – they will design and print these – to the crockery, cutlery, dishes, waiters, bartenders and cooking equipment is tailor-made to your party. Even the waiter uniforms are customised – “We’ll drop in a couple of days before the event and show them to you,” Rohan tells us.

Give them a week, and Table Tango can put together everything from a World Cup viewing party with six live stations to a sit down, pre-plated Italian feast for forty, complete with name cards. “We recently did a 24 hour pool party, where we had a rice bowl counter for lunch, evening pakoda station, Pack-A-Pavs for dinner and French Toast counters for breakfast,” Rohan tells us. The French Toast counter, amongst Rohan’s favourites yet, included mutton kheema and cream cheese versions, plus Alphonso cream toppings for dessert.

We also love the idea of Table Tango’s olive oil station, stacked with different types of breads and olive oils made in the kitchen, including oregano and sun dried tomato, rosemary and garlic, lemon zest and thyme.

The kitchen at Table Tango can produce pretty much any cuisine you can think of, but Anuradha recommends that you pick a happy mix for your next gig. “I also like adding a slight Indian touch – that’s always a hit at catered events,” she tells us.

The catering service can be booked for a minimum of twenty people in Mumbai, and larger groups all over the country. “We recently did a gig in Nasik,” says Rohan, describing an off-site corporate event with a fries station, pizza, mac-and-cheese counter and more. bpb HR, are you listening?

Getting there: Table Tango, call Rohan Mangalorkar at 9920230240 for more information, price on request.

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