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The new FoodHall at Vama can be credited with a lot of things (waking up Peddar Road’s retail wasteland; bringing Koinonia Coffee to our side of the Sea Link), but what we at the bpb office are the most excited about is their softee counter.

Sugary-pink with a seemingly endless supply of toppings (and an adorable kiddie cone), here is Right Place for the posh kids, whose mums can’t bear the idea of standing in line at the sweaty, exhaust-filled Breach Candy storefront, where uncles dish out chocolate-vanilla swirls from a grubby machine older than we are.

Turns out, the chocolate-vanilla swirl shows up at FoodHall too, one of three softee flavours that pours out of a brand-new, gleaming contraption – the others are chocolate and vanilla. These can be paired with everything from caramel sauce and artisanal candied orange bark to highly Instagrammable sprinkles, and you can dream up your own sundae or pick from one of several pre-decided options.

Our favourite is a pretzel sundae with vanilla-chocolate swirl ice cream, drizzled with salted caramel sauce and topped with chocolate covered pretzels, artfully broken into pieces. While the ice cream itself isn’t much to write home about – the flavours are too watered down, the chocolate too grainy – our toppings save the day, perfectly crunchy and salty and chocolaty. Pro tip: the best way to eat this (or any other ice cream ever) is in a perfectly crisped waffle cone.

We also enjoy a chocolate-vanilla softee topped with generous shards of pink peppercorn bark, which adds an gratifyingly adult zing to the lunch of our childhood dreams. In a grocery store filled with fresh fruit and cucumber-dill-cream-cheese sandwiches and a pretty good-looking savoury croissant section, all we want for our mid-day meal is ice cream.

Hello, summer.

Getting there: FoodHall @ Vama, Kanchanjunga, Peddar Road, Rs 300 for a softee sundae

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