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‘Abundance’ is Raveena Taurani’s favourite word. She uses it liberally during our conversation, in connection with ‘energy’, ‘nature’ and ‘raw cacao’.

This bounty Raveena speaks of was personally acquired by her via yoga retreats in Goa and vegan cooking classes in Bali – “It’s the first time I realised that chocolate does grow on trees!”; and this she shared with us through Yogisattva, her vegan food delivery service that sprouted in Bombay in 2016. Thanks for all the raw chocolate ice cream, Ms Diana Plenty! The tubs are still available for order via Scootsy, and we recommend you get them in abundance.

On Saturday, November 17, Yogisattva will get its first brick and mortar home in Khar, a single plant divided into three: a store where you can pick up pret food ranging from Thai quinoa fried rice to buckwheat bread with roasted hummus; plus vegan ice cream and #blessed balls. Or is that bliss balls?

At the yoga studio next door, sign up for Ashtanga and Hatha-Vinyasa classes; meanwhile the roster of styles and teachers will be built over the next few months.

And finally, a plant based cooking “academy” will start with one day workshops meant for vegans, but “really just anybody who wants to view nourishment differently and change the way they cook daily”. These will star themes like vegan Thai cooking and vegan cheese making; plus focus on basic techniques like sprouting, fermentation, baking etc. “Next year, the academy will scale up to include advanced week-long courses,” says Raveena.

Like the cacao plant, Raveena grows best in the monsoon, a season she uses every year to “nourish and flourish”, aka run away from the city and develop new skills. These have included plant based culinary certification courses in California and Indonesia, and vegan catering gigs at yoga retreats in Goa, Portugal and England.
We’re not sure where the next monsoon winds will take her, but if last year’s storm is anything to go by, we’ll stand willingly under Yogisattva’s next cloud burst.

Getting there: Yogisattva, Pinnacle House, 7th floor, 15th Road, P. D. Hinduja Junction, Khar (W), approximately Rs 5,000 for a one day cooking workshop including ingredients and resource guides, and Rs 4,000 for six yoga classes.

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