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The Farmers' Store, it seems, is playing the field. Its yield this month, will no longer go solely to Bandra, but will be re-directed to its newest store that will open at Malabar Hill on December 9. Sweethearts at Ridge Road, stock up on champagne, for the organic strawberries are coming for you!
For those who eat under a rock, The Farmers’ Store is Bandra’s little rainbow, bringing black carrots, purple basil and fresh greens directly from certified organic farmers to customers. The Farm squad tells bpb that they’re excited about this new Malabar sapling, namely because it is larger than the Bandra store, allowing them to stock a lot more fresh fruits and veggies, plus a “massive range” of healthy beverages, including the roll-your-eyes turmeric latte, almond milk and peanut butter smoothies.
Bandra, you may start to turn a shade of lettuce green when you find out that the Malabar Hill store will stock things you won’t have access to geographically - a platter of new cheeses and a special raw noodle range, including a packet of red rice ones that we’ve got our eyes on.
The off-the-shelf snacks here – all vegetarian - will be sourced from their next new start-up, The Farmers’ Store Kitchen, a backend cook shop that will deliver organic cooked food across the city via delivery apps. From plow to wow!
Getting there: Shop no. 10, Ruby Hills, next to Mumbai Store, Ridge Road, Malabar Hill, call/Whatsapp 7715033332. Opens on December 9.

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