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If you think too many cooks spoil the broth, you’re thinking about it all wrong. The Table has just launched a new co-working kitchen called Magazine Street Kitchen in Byculla, where different chefs can simultaneously rent cooking suites under one roof, allowing them to experiment, develop recipes and hop over to give other cooks a taste of their freshly made pesto.

But primarily, this 2,500 square feet space is used by The Table’s new party catering service The Dining Table and in-house bakery that supplies bread to restaurants and new food projects like Le 15 Café, The Banh Mi Company and Gaia Home Chef. Over hot cinnamon rolls, we were told that individuals can also place orders, choosing from a list of breads and snacks including pure butter croissants, pain au chocolat, gruyere cheese puffs and slider buns that can be ordered a day in advance and either picked up from Byculla or ordered through Foodesto's delivery service.

And lastly, you can either sign up for The Table’s upcoming events at Magazine Street Kitchen, conduct your own, or rent it out for your own private celebratory dinner and BYOC (bring your own chef). “We’re taking open kitchen to a whole new level. Here, the kitchen is the star,” co-founder Gauri Devidayal says, while giving us a tour of the bulk kitchen area, the two cooking suites, the bakery, butchery and wooden table for culinary workshop demos. Upstairs, enclosed in a see through box is a dining room with tables. “It’s like an operating theatre down there and this is the viewing room,” Gauri laughs.

We look down to imagine upcoming events: The Table’s chef Alex Sanchez conducting an artisanal pasta making class (June 11, 2-6 pm); a Big Night opening dinner (June 25, 7 pm); and inviting guest chefs over for a travel edition of the Food With Benefits dinner that you can sign up for (June 29, 7.30 pm). The space can also be rented out for film and photo shoots.

We eat our cinnamon rolls and walk out on to Magazine Street, named so because firearms dealers once operated from the area. Lock, (chicken) stock and barrel?

Getting there: Magazine Street Kitchen, gala no 13, Devidayal Compound, Gupta Mills Estate, Magazine Street, Byculla. To sign up for scheduled classes or dinners, email and find details on Insider here.




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