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On your last walk around Kala Ghoda, you probably passed by the façade of a Victorian-looking home with a mural of a tea drinking session outside. It looks a lot like a film set, but there’s a real flesh-and-blood restaurant, Bake House Café, taking form inside.

The team behind the neighbouring Carter’s Blue restaurant is conducting tastings at Bake House Café as we speak, their third eatery where tacos and burgers and spinach with sautéed mushrooms will be served all day.

The 35-seater restaurant will also offer fish mains inspired by Mediterranean flavours, but owner Alfea Jamal tells us they’re doing “great things with chicken”.

This egg hatches mid-August.

Getting there: Bake House Café, 43, Ropewalk Lane, Kala Ghoda, call 22836366. 



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