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Put away your weekend flask and hit Mahalaxmi’s super buzzy Masque this Sunday for their sexy new brunch, where flowers bloom in gin cocktails and Pondicherry chocolate accompanies French toast. Prepare for a beautifully dressed five course meal + four gin cocktails and pay Rs 3,500.

This Sunday, chef Prateek promises a spread that includes Andaman trout ​ceviche with tiger milk; French toast with Nutella ice cream; and cocktails like turmeric-infused gin with ginger and tonic, a kale and cucumber ​G&T to balance out your weekend shenanigans​, and a coffee-gin-tonic using Blue Tokai's signature Masque blend​​. ​

 bpb’s Turning Tables

Now here’s how we’re taking Masque’s delicious Sunday brunch home. On Saturday, March 18, we’re reviving our most fun property, Turning Tables, a fancy-pants party catered by a fancy-pants chef, held once a month at a home somewhere in Mumbai and attended by 20 strangers (read more here).

Our new season begins on March 18 with a farm-to-table, six course brunch cooked by Chef Prateek. We’re super excited about the menu, and you should be too – it will include dishes carefully prepared and beautifully served, including Duck Cigars and Lotus Root Donuts, Singapore Chilli Crab and mushroom bibimbap, French toast and lots of Pondicherry Chocolate, and will accommodate both vegetarians and carnivores. The home address will be sent out via email to invited guests, and will be located in South Bombay.

The event is BYOB, free of charge and currently open only to our Coup Card members. Don’t have one yet? Get yours on and write in quickly – we can’t wait to meet you!

Getting there: Gin Sundays at Masque, every Sunday, to make a reservation, call 24991010/9819069222​ or email on​.

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