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We’re well aware of the sandwich you have planned for this weekend, but may we suggest an alternative? This Saturday and Sunday, Pack-A-Pav’s Pav with Friends guest series puts chef Seefah (ex The Blue, currently at Seefah) in the hot seat, and we mean this quite literally.

Picture pavs fired up with bird’s eye chilli and katsu chicken; spicy buff and secret sauces (chef Seefah’s personal favourite); baby potatoes and black pepper sauce; prawn patties and pickles. This Bombay x Bangkok relish is available for two nights only at Pack-A-Pav’s Bandra location.

Secret Saucery

And come Monday, if you still have sensation on your tongue, go by Seefah, Hill Road where the chef has just begun to bottle and sell Nam Prik Pow (Thai chilli paste), made using her mother’s secret recipe. “My mum used to add dry shrimp and crispy pork to it, which I love, but I sell a vegetarian version here in India.”

The chef’s favourite way to pair this paste is with a crispy fried Thai omlette, which isn’t on Seefah’s menu, but if you ask for one, she’ll happily make it for you.

That’s all, yolks.

Getting there: The Bangkok Edition Pav with Friends at Pack-A-Pav, Bandra on September 28 and 29, noon to midnight; Nam Prik Pow available at Seefah, Hill Road, opposite Ray’s Pizzeria, Bandra (W), Rs 550 sfor 400gms.

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