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Bombay’s party circuit has new eye Kandy and it’s not you. Shine the stove light on a catering company that married off the South Indian appam to the Sri Lankan hopper. The result? A delicious portmanteau – Hoppumms – a union that’s phonetically ferment to be. “Preparation wise, there are few subtle differences; for instance, hoppers tend to be a little crispier.”
Hoppumms is run by Sahil Wadhwa, who studied hospitality at Les Roches, Switzerland; Lakshit Shetty, former sous chef at ITC Hyderabad’s Dakshin; and Jai Wadhwa, who worked the event circuit. The trio has mulled over many culinary business ideas over the past three years – baos (“too over exposed”), Thai pancakes (“too random”) – and the concept of hoppers materialised during a trip to the UK.

Far & Fried
“The sweet memories from Hoppers in London and Weligama’s pop up at Shoreditch, combined with Lakshit’s appam-making experience at Dakshin, was how the idea of Hoppumms was born,” Sahil tells us.
They now cater parties where the guest list runs from 20 to 200, flipping hoppers and creating fancy fixings to go with. You can pick a base (regular, whole wheat or spinach) and add a filling of prawn moilee, egg, four cheese or pork in the bowl shaped pancakes. “We’re experimenting with red and black rice batter versions as well,” they tell us.
Based on your party theme, guests’ allergies and tantrums, the boys are happy to customize the menu. They recently concocted a hopper with badam halwa filling and a trickle of caramel sauce for two sides of a wedding that couldn’t decide on a commonly loved mithai. Sounds like a nice enough union.

If you don’t have twenty friends to invite over, seek solace in the fact that Hoppumms will start delivery soon.

Hey Colombeau!
If you don’t have twenty friends to invite over, seek solace in the fact that Hoppumms will start delivery soon, as well as Pack-A-Pav style QSRs for Sri Lankan favourites (sorry Jacqueline, you’re not on the menu). “We are considering the addition of curries and Malabari parathas, plus kottu rotis, our favourite Sri Lankan street food,” Sahil says.
But these plans are just place-holders. A hoppers and cocktail bar in Bombay is the ultimate goal for these boys who have the Galle to dream.
Getting there: To place an order at Hoppumms, email or call 9870428997, minimum 20 people required, price ranges from Rs 200 to Rs 350 a hopper.

Hat tip to Kartik Kaji and Petals Deas for leading us to Hoppumms. 

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