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La Folie has reinvented its flagship patisserie in Kala Ghoda, slipping into a new avatar as effortlessly as Taytay after a breakup. As ‘Reputations’ go, owner and chef Sanjana has always been a creator of edible art, and this patisserie, with gemstone bonbons and dark chocolate ganache, has its original philosophy at the core of a new self.

Bonbon & Clyde

Dusty rose velvet, gleaming brass and glossy marble surfaces make up the anatomy of La Folie Du Chocolat. If you get a table at this petite palace, order a hot chocolate immediately. If not, press your nose against a vitrine of half-sphere bonbons, painted like rubies, emeralds and tourmalines, available in a range of complex flavours to eat here or box up and gift.

The vegan Bali bonbon, made up of coconut water caramel and sesame nougatine, pairs a delicate crunch with the velveteen depths of coconut ganache. The Intense Mint bonbon is as steadfast as good ol' After-Eight thins, elevated with a hit of verbena lemon. The Kyoto Yuzu citrus ganache is full bodied and tart, with freeze-dried strawberry crisps that remind you it’s December. The only real let down is the Columbian coffee-infused ganache, which tastes powdery and dry.

Bonbons are best paired with a double-walled glass mug of hot chocolate, intense but not very creamy. Pack leftovers to go, dear reader; this one deserves a nightcap reinvention as adult hot chocolate.

The new menu also features an affogato drip bar, a selection of coffees by Koinonia and premium teas by TGL. So if you’re not in the mood for a sugar fix, make a beeline for the Keto bullet, a blend of coffee, coconut oil and cinnamon, this one will keep you grounded through all the fairy dust.

Avo Maria

The patisserie menu is concise and a bit pricey; we’re restricting our orders to sweets, because savouries like croissants and ham & cheese sandwiches are tried-and-tasted at La Folie Lab, Bandra.

At Kala Ghoda, vegans will be delighted to know that the chocolate cake is stellar. With avocado, dark chocolate ganache and raw natural jaggery, it ticks all the boxes for an outstanding chocolate cake – rich and creamy, with deep flavours. The crowning glory: berries artfully strewn on top, which tease out the rich, earthy notes of chocolate and gud.

If you’re visiting on a weekend, be sure to try the specials. 1000 Leaves, made with classic French puff pastry, couples seasonal fruits and fresh cream together. The puff pastry is top notch – flaky and buttery, if a little soggy – and the safe, but delicious combination of fruit and pastry is what #BrunchGoals are made of.

Baba Rumdev

The Le Baba, brioche convoyed by pineapple-passion fruit marmalade, with a light, fragrant rum vanilla aura, steals the show. A syringe of rum injects a bit of fun (and flavour) into the dish, and the brioche turns into a boozy vehicle for the ganache that has now set the benchmark for every other ganache we encounter. And it has emboldened us to order a repeat.

La Folie Du Chocolat, Look What You Made Me Do.

Getting there: 16, Commerce House, Rope Walk Lane, Kala Ghoda, next to Trishna, price for two approximately Rs. 1,000.

Accessibility: A flight of stairs off the pavement with no ramp.

This review was contributed by Anisha Rachel Oommen, co-founder of The Goya Journal.

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