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A new season at Bachelorr's is as exciting as a new one on Netflix. Sometimes juicier.

Fans of custard apple, sitaphal season is upon us, which means that Bachelorr's has an all-new special menu dedicated to the fruit.

Titled Sitaphal Shuffle, the tight one pager (at Chowpatty, Bandra and Chembur) outlets feature fresh sitaphal, also served with cream/ice cream;  and sitaphal ice cream blended with rose petals, aptly titled Masti.

There is also a sitaphal shake in its pure avatar, plus sexier versions marbled with vanilla, spiked with chocolate and made rich with ice cream.

Pick us up post dinner for a drive + Bachelorr's shake. Note: you can now also order one home thanks to delivery apps, and also make sure to check out their new Chembur branch if you're in the neighbourhood.

It's a fact, not pulp fiction.

Getting there: Bachelorr's - Bandra: C-4/73, HIG Colony, Nityanand Nagar, ONGC Colony, Bandra West, call 7021740413.

Bachelorr's - Chowpatty: Sattar Sea View Hotel, 45 Ext, Chowpatty Seaface Road, call 7972634757.

Bachelorr's - Chembur: Shop 12/13, ground floor, swami jairamdas complex, near basant park, RC Marg, Chembur East, call 7700936900.

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