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The next time you decide to say it with flowers, think of Mahua, a spirit and liqueur made from the Mahua flower, manufactured in Andhra Pradesh, bottled and sold by DesmondJi (DJ) in Goa and Karnataka.

Founder Desmond Nazareth, known for his affordable and drinkable India pride tipples – Indian Agave spirits, Nagpur Orange liqueurs, alcoholic Cocktail Blends & Indian Cane spirit – is super proud of his new “forest-to-bottle” concoction that is a nod to the tribals of Central India. He spent part of the last six years with tribals in Jharkhand and Orissa, working with them to use hygienic processes and stringent quality control, thus producing a spirit and a liqueur that retains the tribal heritage, while meeting international quality and packaging standards. Sounds like a pet(al) project to us.

In folklore, Mahua is the elixir of Gods and the weakness of demons; on Earth, DJ Mahua is available as a spirit - sweetish, floral and potent but smooth - and as a liqueur – DJ Mahua Liqueur, blended with honey and spices (both 40% ABV). Desmond recommends you mix yours with tonic water and some lime. Keep an eye on their Facebook page and Instagram handle for cool DJ Mahua and DJ Mahua Liqueur recipes.

DJ Mahua products are currently available in Goa and Karnataka, and will be pouring in your state soon too. Get ready to make a bee line for this flower.

Getting there: Visit, DJ Mahua and DJ Mahua Liqueur are priced at Rs. 975 (750 ml) / Rs. 150 (90 ml) and Rs.1275 (750 ml) / Rs. 190 (90 ml), respectively, in Goa. In Karnataka they are priced at Rs. 2000 (750 ml) and Rs. 2030 (750 ml) respectively.

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