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Step into the corridor-like retail section of this store plus sit-down, and you’ll want to take your leaf right away, lined as it is with glass jars of tea and delicate drinking paraphernalia. There are kettles and cups fit for a Japanese tea ceremony, and a 16kg pu’er tea block shaped like a football, just for kicks.

Hidden behind the giant Zara at Horniman Circle, the deceptively small entryway into to Tasse de Thé also opens up into a seating at the back, where a motley crew of students, lawyers and hipsters stop in for pastel colour therapy.

Even with 300 teas spread across nine pages of the menu, our eyes immediately go to the matcha. But before we order, we get sticker shock: a small pot for two cups averages about Rs 800. Thinking of the end-of-the-year state of our bank account, we stick with green tea instead, which is nicely smoky, although we’re not sure who'll have the temerity to sample the other 60 odd green tea variants on the menu. Our second cuppa is masala chai, with the depth and aroma that matches the one made at home.

For food, we pick through the vegetarian all-day menu, each dish on which is named after a song. Unfortunately, none of the dishes we order sings. Chilli cheese toast is overwhelmingly bready, topped with sad shreds of cheese and chillies. A buckwheat bagel sandwich features just-ripe avocados and a great sundried tomato and capers filling, but once again, is undone by its carb content.

The only dish we’d come back for is a fiamma tortilla pizza. The thin, crunchy base is topped with jalapeno, olives, spring onion, asparagus, rocket and mozzarella cheese and manages to be a great sharing order. Also recommended is the Ecuadorian chocolate slab, rich and gone in sixty seconds. A bit indulgent for tea-time, we know, but go on and do it: it’s the holidays, after all.

Getting there: Islam Building, Veer Nariman Road, Fort, call 62373727. A high two for two costs about Rs 2,800.

Accessibility: Ground floor access with a flight of stairs.

bpb reviews anonymously and pays for its own meals.

This review was conducted by Aatish Nath, a freelance food and travel writer.

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