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There's a fair share of muscle behind Loca Lucho: its founding team is made up of a national tennis player (Vivek Jhaveri) and swimmer who crossed the English Channel (Nisarg Doshi). Its mascot is a bicep-flexing Lucha Libre male Mexican wrestler (the female wrestler is “just on the menu” but we'll take it for now, with hope of a future promotion); and one of F&B's strongest food consultants, chef Gracian Dsouza is in the kitchen. Someone get us a protein shake, already. We’re feeling weak in the knees.

Good thing we received all this information after decimating a very large order from this new Mexican delivery kitchen in Bandra. It means a lot less pressure on the brown paper bags that arrive at our doorstep, pasted with wrestler stickers.


Inside, everything is neat and tidy and clearly marked, and the first of the presents we unwrap is a box of tortilla chips and guacamole dressed with lime and cilantro, but no tomatoes, onions or chillies. This fresh, clean approach is meant to cut across the menu, Vivek tells us. Not only is this true, but you will also find little desi-fication of the food here. So no rajma fillings or unnecessary heavy hand of spice or Bombay Blues-style cheese sheath covering everything.

We move on next to a lamb burrito bowl, a beautiful smoky thing with a touch of tropical. Shredded bits of lamb are mixed in with cilantro-lime rice and beans, garnished with a charred cherry tomato salsa, guacamole, Monterey Jack cheese and a neat pineapple salsa.

Soft shell tacos live up to our already fired-up appetites, neatly pre-made and definitely on our speed dial for last-minute house guests. The same beans, cheese and perky salsas are featured here, but a little drowned out by a spicy chipotle chicken mix.

The burritos are advertised as “champions” - ours mostly check out. A vegetarian fajita version is the closest we've come to satiating our Chipotle cravings, tightly packed without being mushy, brightly seasoned, with properly crunchy veggies cutting through all the carbs and sour cream. We also enjoy the Peri Peri pork burrito, but if you can go back to work after eating one of these, you're stronger than we are.

The little square of tres leches cake is everything we need at the end of this piquant spread – cool, creamy and fragrant with vanilla.

Dangle The Carat

We’re informed that the food at Loca Lucho is engineered to travel well for 90 minutes, and the pork burrito we took from Bandra to Worli can corroborate this. Vivek, who is now a full-time jeweller jokes that the aim is to get the vegetarian dishes intact and tasty to his diamond community in BKC.

They’ve got the clarity, now all they need is the (short) cut.

Getting there: Loca Lucho, currently available to order via Zomato. On Swiggy from September 7, and next week onwards on UberEats and Scootsy. Rs 350 for a non vegetarian burrito, Rs 330 for 3 soft shell tacos.

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