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The corner spot sandwiched between Indigo Deli and The Table on one side, and fashion store Le Mill on the other, has always seemed like a bit of a revolving door, hosting a plethora of ever-changing roll shops. So we were intrigued when the latest occupier moved in with patterned cushions, bright yellow signage and wood fired pizza.

Our interest deepened further when we learned that La Pizzeria originated in Udaipur – what a great story it would make, the small town upstart taking on pie professionals such as Indigo Deli and Pizza Express on their own turf; and winning.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like this story will have its fairytale ending. Our first clue is the mural dominating one wall of La Pizzeria’s tiny space, extolling the virtues of everything from Dadar station and cutting chai to vada pav. There is one slice of pizza thrown in for context.

Even this lone slice isn’t an accurate depiction of the pies we are served, pulled out of a impressive wood fire oven in the back, topped with basil pesto and garlic on one pizza, and too many jalapeños on the other. PS: the disconcertingly long menu is all vegetarian, with tantalising references to pepperoni and mock meat.

Our basil, garlic and mozz pie would have been more successful if the crust has been baked through – this one is woefully undercooked. A jalapeño pizza with red sauce and cheese comes on a far superior crust, but is piled with so many peppers that even our I-grew-up-on-Andhra-chillies friend can’t stomach more than a slice. If that makes you want to try it even more, go ahead. But remember to keep a bottle (or three) of Diet Coke close.

Also successful at putting out the fire is a wide dish of ravioli, covered in a creamy white sauce that will coat your tongue for what seems like hours after your meal. The ravioli filling is gluey and mildly sweet. This is peak Tarla Dalal Italian fare.

Still not giving up on our story arc, we order dessert, a house specialty of frozen chocolate coating a crumbly crust. It’s the kind of thing we would have baked in kindergarten, armed with Marie biscuits, condensed milk and Hershey’s syrup, back when we were still young enough to believe in fairy tales.

Getting there: Shop 3, Pheroze Building, Apollo Bunder, Colaba, call 098196 36951, Rs 600 for a 12 inch pizza.

bpb reviews anonymously and pays for it’s own meals.

Photo Credit: Zomato.

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