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It was a quest for good burgers that led us to Danda in a downpour, a chaotic intersection of buses and autos and umbrellas from which emerged a nice young man carrying a warm, heavy bag of carbs and meat. Lunch, courtesy the new-ish Good Flippin’ Burgers, which usually delivers but didn’t have any runners that day (neither did Zomato) thanks to the rain.

Unpacking a few minutes later, we found burgers neatly wrapped in wax paper, little containers of promisingly spicy hot sauce, and the crispiest, saltiest fries we had tasted in a long time. This was going to be a good meal.

The Good Flippin burgers are substantial but not overwhelmingly large: they’re built on soft but sturdy buns and feel like a good handful without devolving into a dripping, drooping mess.

We begin with a lamb burger that is juicy and warm, fortified with cheddar cheese and pico de gallo, a handsome reward for braving the monsoon, but a bit monotonous – we only wish the kitchen had been more generous with the chimichurri and garlic aioli promised in burger’s description.

Fishy characters will enjoy the pescatarian burger, packed with a tender fillet that is generously dressed in tarter sauce and crunchy with lettuce. Our favourite however, is a chicken sandwich with buttermilk fried chicken breast and sweet-spicy sauce – we could eat one every day.

The menu has only one vegetarian option, and you can feel the kitchen’s disdain for a “veggie burger” as soon as you bite into the soggy, tasteless bean patty. Herbivores, Good Flippin is not for you.

As for the FIippin Standard, a big buff burger, we called in a burger aficionado. This was his report: “A prominent and enjoyable pepper flavour accompanies this well formed and juicy buff patty, right through the last bite. A generous slathering of the house sauce kills the crunch of lettuce and tomato, but can be easily fixed with a layering tweak. I’d go heavier with the caramalised onions and ease up on the house sauce…. Full marks for the patty’s firmness and flavour… At Rs 290 for this burger, [Good Flippin’] is a real deal. I’ll definitely be back to try more.”

And so will we.

Getting there: Good Flippin’ Burgers, delivery only, call 9892201112 or find them on Zomato, Rs 290 for a buff burger.

bpb reviews anonymously and pays for its own meals.

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