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On our touchscreen, the ingredients for cheesecake look anything but normal. Cauliflower, ghee, lime, almond meal, jiggery, cashew paste and eggs all go into the dairy-free cake, which at Rs 485 a slice is more than double the cost of any other dessert on the menu. Turns out that the slice is worth it, topped with preserved blueberries and better than most of the dense wedges served around the city.

The abovementioned cheesecake, along with everything else on the menu, is dreamed up by Rohan Tambe, a chef and certified personal trainer: fittingly, Easy Human has a gym outpost in Oshiwara, and has moved into the space that formerly housed Doollaly Taproom, transforming the three-floor brewery into a health café, work out room and gym.

We stop by to sample the food (workouts can wait till after December) and come away (mostly) impressed.

Our first gripe: the ground floor cafe could do with some additional light and pizzazz – the sparse interiors are so drab that even a wildly tropical mural can’t dispel the gloom.

Bringing the light is a Thai buff salad, with a hint of spice courtesy red chillis, which zing up a base of cherry tomatoes and soya chilli dressing. Pick this over chilly chicken, an Asian-inspired, sadly single-tone bowl of chicken coated in tapioca flour with bell peppers and cashew.

Washing these down are juices. Yes, we roll our eyes too, but are grudgingly won over by refreshingly tangy Shine (coconut water, spinach, green apple, lemon and honey). Bloody Healthy is more fun to say, but earthier, bogged down by beetroot.

Vegetarians, you’ll find soy kheema kulcha a tad dry, although they use a killer spice mix. A grain-free Indian roti on the other hand, wins praise all-around. Rounding out our order is tamarind fish curry made with rawas and served with cauliflower rice, less mouth-puckeringly sour than we would like.

If you’re tired of eating healthy, we feel you, but wait a minute before making a beeline for the nearest Baskin Robbins - dessert is where Easy Human really shines. We enjoy a chocolate brownie, and the chocolate ice cream it is served with rivals Kala Ghoda Café for its richness.

Overall, Easy Human is good news for Colaba. We’ll be back soon, for all-day breakfasts, that ice cream and just maybe, a whiff of the hops that came before.

Getting There: Plot 75/77, Park House Annex, Nathalal Parekh Marg, Colaba 400005. Open daily from 8am – 10pm. Meal for two Rs 1,000-3,000.

Accessibility: There is a single step to enter the café

This review was conducted by Aatish Nath, a freelance food and travel writer.

bpb reviews anonymously and pays for its own meals.

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