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Bacon of Hope 

Our favorite pizza memory is not from Rome or Naples, but from Paris. If you are lucky enough to live in Montmartre when you are twenty-one and have a friend who not only works at YSL (hello, employee discount), but also speaks fluent Italian and takes you to the best pizzeria in town, you’ll gladly take a “we’ll always have Paris” over a “Roman Holiday”.

This floury dream was prompted by the sighting of a prosciutto di parma and arugula pizza on the menu at Crave, a new pizzeria at Prabhadevi by the owner of the now shuttered Di Napoli. It was the same exact pie we used to order in Paris.

Crave is located on a desolate street but it’s happy yellow exterior is guaranteed to cheer you up, and the walls inside make an effort to be funny – case in point: a sign that says ‘No beef but there is always a bacon of hope!” Positioned as a QSR (quick service restaurant), the idea here is to provide fast pizzas and sandwiches to a small group of in-house diners and through delivery in the neighbourhood. 

The Proof Is In the Pie

After ordering the abovementioned pizza, we got into a lengthy conversation about the pros and cons of a classic Margherita, but eventually decided to be a little more adventurous and get a Green Revolution, topped with pesto, mushrooms, broccoli, feta, roasted garlic and no tomato sauce, along with a chicken burger.

The proof of the pizza is in the dough, and we are happy to report that the dough here was exactly how it should be. Thin enough to have a crisp bite, thick enough to differentiate it from papad a la Indigo Deli, and covered with just enough Pomodoro tomato sauce (house-made and yes, you can tell the difference) and smothered with prosciutto from end to end.

Green Revolution was also a smasher, with the pesto providing a nice foundation for mushrooms and broccoli. The Roast burger, as it was called, elicited as many complaints as its AIB counter part, ranging from drab to fraudulent – our sandwich was missing the gravy, cheddar and caramelized onions that the menu promised. We suggest you stick with the pizza here.

Our meal ended with ho-hum tiramisu, but also the sweet news that Crave will soon open its second outlet in Bandra on 16th Road. Pie charting its course!

Getting there: Shivalik Building, Appasaheb Marathe Marg, Prabhadevi call 24363600, delivery from Worli to Mahim, Rs 1,150 for a meal for two including two pizzas, a burger and dessert. 

bpb reviews anonymously and pays for its own meals.

This review was conducted by Shilarna Vaze, Le Cordon Bleu Paris graduate, chef, TV cook show host and writer.

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