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When the boys at Café Condi say they might shut early for karaoke, they’re not joking. They sing along with Madonna while presiding over a pear reduction, and the endearing-ness of it all allows us to overlook the arbitrary closing hours.
For that matter, it makes us overlook a lot of little things at this new Bandra creperie, beginning with no-effort (different from effortless) interiors and ending with spontaneous menu changes.
Young Bucks
Still, the place is cute enough. A stairway between 8-odd seats on the ground floor and three tables on the mezzanine is treacherous, but the Condi cats easily run up and down with Cokes and crepes. We hover above, and sit below a shelf of 90s bestseller books that no one loves anymore.

Our savoury crepes luckily, have better fates. The crepes themselves are made from buckwheat, dark and nutty, caramel-coloured and consistently crisp across our three options. The first folds a sea of salmon within it, punctuated by salty capers and topped with a dollop of cream. The two veggie options bear farm-fresh fillings - pesto-bocconcini-diced tomatoes and a silky creamed spinach-mushroom mix.
Leading us from savoury to sweet is the bridge crepe, made fat with a generous amount of Danish blue cheese (so order only if your nose is a fan) and poached pears that if sharper and less cloying, could have cut the cheese better. Delivered with swiftness right at the end is the sticky love note we were waiting for – an extra crispy crepe glossy with honey and sugar and speckled with lemon. Special request: We need sharper knives to cut through these.

Cottage Cheese

For its few shortcomings, it must be noted that five crepes and two Cokes at Café Condi total up to Rs 1,000, a fraction of what the same order would cost at Bandra’s Suzette. And they’re pretty tasty too.
So go for boys who bat their eyelashes at you while gently mixing batter, and know that a visit to Café Condi comes with all the Waroda Road rewards: cute cottage sightings and cuter Mac aunty run-ins. “Come back soon, men.”  
Getting there: Ground floor, Ben-o-lil-haven building, next to Imbiss, Waroda Road, Bandra (W), follow them on Instagram @cafe.condi, Rs 1,000 for a meal for five crepes and two soft drinks. Open from 11 am to 11 pm. 
bpb reviews anonymously and pays for its own meals. 
Accessibility: A few steps above the pavement with no ramp.

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