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There are many spots for butterflies to land at BKC’s newest restaurant, including vertical moss gardens and faux flower baskets, chandeliers that look like they were stolen from a now defunct set of The Crystal Maze, trippy LED screens blooming with flora; but that’s not to say that the décor here is cohesive in any way. Reader, you have been warned – the only way to survive a meal at Butterfly High is by expecting complete chaos, both in the interiors and on the menu.

One Flit Wonder

Helping restore a semblance of order are earnest and well-trained staff, who will offer you a choice of purple velvet chairs or those made from gold wire (pick the purple velvet, unless you’re in army-grade pants), and chat knowledgeably about a menu that leaps from dosa tacos to chicken tempura, baos to bhaji. We are most excited about the latter, seeing as Butterfly High is run by the guys behind Shiv Sagar. But more on that later.

Just looking at the wildly-lit bar and the neon-coloured drinks coming from it make our livers quiver, so we stick to diet Coke, bolstered by a circle of mutton hummus served with khakra and fried papad. This is what you should order when you’re craving pav bhaji and trying to be good, a healthy(ish) alternative packed with pav bhaji masala and a tankload of lime juice, creamy enough to stand in for potatoes and tons of butter. One taste, and our entire table perks up.

Moth To A Lame

Good also are dosa tacos pregnant with nicely spicy sukka chicken and bristling with grated coconut, a dish our server describes to us by folding his order pad into a taco shape. We just wish the kitchen had left off an oddly green mayo dressing.

The big disappointments of our meal are, surprisingly, the Shiv Sagar stalwarts – tepid pav bhaji that’s been gentrified by a fluffy but blasphemously sweet bun; and a sizzling brownie that’s woefully tough and weirdly enough, sitting on a slice of tinned, tasteless pineapple. Sweep this to the side as soon as your dessert arrives: it has no other use except to reiterate the complete randomness of Butterfly High.

Getting there: Unit 4, Ground Floor, Jet Airways Godrej G Block, BKC, call 022 33126730, Rs 1,500 for a meal for two without alcohol.

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