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If the rain makes everything new again, then one of monsoon's happiest beneficiaries is Sequel. Part Bandra's shower curtain this season to find Sequel 2.0, a brand new space that's grey without being gloomy, offering new menus; more organic wine; and a brunch that will launch this Sunday.

The bit that stays the same: prohibitive pricing. Hey, the rain can only wash away so many sins.

The Shah Must Go On

Sitting inside, looking out through rain-beaded French doors, we're glad for the prospect of soup and warm, glow-y puddles of light. The interiors, designed by architect-to-the-stars Ashiesh Shah, bears his unmistakable Wabi-sabi aesthetic. Together, the design elements make up an extremely tactile room, making you want to instantly run your hand over everything - rough walls, smooth curves, cold community marble table, Channapatna beads, cane chairs, soft hand-moulded alabaster, hard ceramic tiled seats. Seated on one of these, we realise that we're in the dry half of Sequel; the other half, accessible only from the outside is where the list of organic wine is served. Shockingly, we don't switch sides.

Lunch On Lingam Benches

Sequel's farm-to-fork menu retains many old favourites, but has a cluster of new dishes as well. The White Prawns are as chic and soothing as the room we're eating them in - a foamy broth of coconut milk and chilli oil with surprise pomegranate rubies hidden  inside. Alas, the broth brings just four tiny prawns, taking our spoons on a fishing expedition that ends too soon. A pair of stone-ground maize flour tacos press together guac, heirloom tomato salsa and jicama, are flavour-packed, tart and over in four quick bites. Our lunch companion and health food fan(atic) enjoys at the end a bowl of dark chocolate nice cream embellished with a blizzard of berries and chocolate shards, but wishes for a smoother, less crumbly texture.

For a full new culinary experience go to Sequel this Sunday when brunch launches, made with produce freshly harvested from the Sequel Green House, just outside of Pune. From 11 am to 4 pm, you can drink wine and feast on conscience-soothing buckwheat & walnut sourdough; grape tomatoes; raw yellow fin tuna; and coconut pancakes crowned with raw cacao ganache, berries and vanilla-infused Kashmiri honey.

Wear your best Cacao Chanel.

Getting there: Sequel 2.0, ground floor, Solace building, 33rd Road, Bandra (W), call 7506477710, Rs 2,000 for a light meal for 2 without wine or non-alcoholic drinks.

bpb reviews anonymously and pays for its own meals.

Accessibility: One step up from the pavement.

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