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Forget perfectly round rotis; the new Adarsh Balak/ balika will be the one who can churn out hemp rotis. While Priyesh Trivedi composes a meme about it, you can make a beeline for The Bombay Hemp Company (BOHECO), a firm that started selling hemp seed snacks, protein powder and hemp seed oil a few months ago.

Co-founder Yash Kotak has spent the better part of the last five years silencing calls for "medicinal" weed, so you better not get him started now. "The weed oil we sell is a non-psychoactive oil, and has similar uses to olive oil." It's great as a garnish for salads, and for light cooking; it possesses excellent rejuvenating properties for skin and hair; and has a natural nutty flavour. "It has a low smoking point however, so just don't try frying anything in it," Yash warns.

In addition to hemp seed oil, BOHECO has also launched a powder and snack made from Himalayan-sourced hemp and co-produced in Madhya Pradesh. The powder is high in protein, and can be mixed into your roti atta (in a 20-80 ratio); and the Hemp Hearts are shelled seeds that can be sprinkled on sundaes, salads and smoothies.

Psst: We hear a Bandra BOHECO store is in the works; more on that new joint soon!

Getting there: Shop at, Rs 699 for a 250 gm packet of hemp hearts.

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