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It was the nearest Delhi could get to our last vacation by the sea, the much-hyped Coast Café at Ogaan, with its atrium and wide terrace windows, spiral staircase and beachy playlist. We walked in and instantly hoped that the Lumineers – currently wafting out of concealed speakers – were right: I’ll be loving you, you’ll be loving me 

Let’s Taco ‘Bout It

Right from the start, Coast Café, split over the second and third floors, offers you what few others in Hauz Khas Village can: an elevator. The menu too is a welcome oddity, focused on, well, coastal dishes that are relatively reasonably priced: almost everything on the salad and starter list is between Rs 250 and Rs 350.

We dived right in, calling forth California Baha fish tacos studded with bits of spicy beer battered fish and splashed with chipotle salsa. Slightly messy but super good. Also yum enough to make a believer out of the strict carnivore at our table was a red, white and green salad – beetroot, goat cheese, arugula and lentil with parsley and mint. Wash these down with lemonade, ordered on recommendation and packing unmistakable hints of ginger – almost as exhilarating as an Uber ride to T3 for your flight out to Portugal. 

Right from the start, Coast Café, split over the second and third floors, offers you what few others in Hauz Khas Village can: an elevator. 

Prawn Star

For mains we ordered spicy prawn moilee and a pile of soft, egg-white appams to mop it up with. Its homemade feel was too basic for some at our table, but the majority thought it perfect for a noon o’ clock meal.

The highlight of our meal, however, came from an unexpected source, and one that taught us never to wrinkle our nose at baingan again: aubergine kokum curry with little specks of mustard seeds that popped in our mouths like confetti. Also, big bonus: tomato, beet root and tamarind chutneys that we could eat by the spoonful. 

Sea Minor

Unfortunately, our food-induced euphoria dissipated in the dessert course. We blame this on the lackluster menu of tiramisu, carrot cake and chocolate brownies. The only upshot was good vanilla ice cream that came sprinkled with praline. It was sweet, but we had been hoping for something surprising and maybe even a little bit salty, something that ended closer to the sea. 

Getting there: Coast Café at Ogaan, second floor, H-2, Hauz Khas Village, call 41601717, Rs 2,800 for a meal for two.

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