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We imagined Stoked to be a pizzeria buoyed by surfers, its pillars plastered with leaflets advertising Om Shanti yoga and vegan leather satchels.

But this is Koramangala and not Candolim, so we’ll take the deserted, cream-coloured truth that surrounds us, and make do with the fact that the chandeliers overhead are our only company. Word is that some of them are swingers.

The good part: squatting right below Pizza Stop on 8th Main, Stoked expertly crafts pies and doesn’t make a fuss about it. 

Crust Exercise

Grazers, Green Theory is for you, and meat eaters should make merry around Uncle Porkster. Here, pizza toppings arrive on thin crusts that aren’t brittle, but rather have a slightly chewy bite (the way we like them!). Parts of our pies are beautifully blistered by the wood oven.

Green Theory with its aromatic sauce skimps on artichoke but does offer a heap of green, wilted spinach. The pork pizza (our favourite) lovingly lays out salami on tomato sauce with a wonderful back-note of basil. We could do without the black olives, which are clearly thrown in for colour.

Here, pizza toppings arrive on thin crusts that aren’t brittle, but rather have a slightly chewy bite.

Foam Shanti

On the side, we are introduced to Mykonos Dearest, a juicy pocket stuffed with chicken and bell peppers, by owner Ahana. She chats about her obsession with blue cheese and wood ovens, and hopes we’ll be back to sample a weekend breakfast menu of homemade croissants. Sounds swell!

Soon, multiple frothy cappuccinos line up at our table, happily drowning out the synthetic saccharine of a Nutella–strawberry crepe. And at the end, Ahana slips a small ‘friends and family free pizza’ coupon into our bill folder.

“We’re stoked”, we want to say to her, followed by a wink, but are afraid to scare away a potential friend and her wood fired oven. Too soon?

Getting there: 458, 8th main, Koramangala, call 08041644455, a meal for two costs approximately Rs 1,200.

Accessibility: Two steps up to the ground floor seating.

bpb reviews anonymously and pays for its own meals.

Image Credit: The Hungry Jedi for Stoked.

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