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Weekend Crossword: Wind In My Heir 27.11.2015

All clues are culled from bpb's stories this week. A great way to make sure you haven't missed out on any of the good stuff.

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1. One of the 31 items you can use to make a meal at The Minute Bistro's DIY kitchen counter in Bangalore (7) 

4. One of our many Coup Card restaurant partners (5) 

7. John Hamilton's Waverly Inn at Whitefield in Bangalore is now this gentleman's home (6,6)

8. One of the designers who would feel right at home at Vaayu, a new lifestyle store at Bikaner House (3,5) 

11. The best spot to spend a minute in Bangalore according to The Minute Bistro co-founder Enayeth Ansari (7) 

12. Artist whose songs you are likely to hear in Anjali Pathak of Flavour Diaries' kitchen (6,5) 

13. Besides discounts at restaurants, the Coup Card grants members exclusive access to ____ and other events (8)  


2. A small collection of these organic soaps are available at Vaayu (4)

3. Theatre director who was the first person ever to buy the Coup Card (6,7)

4. Type of offices you will find at the soon-to-be-launched The Waverly hotel at VR Bengaluru mall (4-3-4) 

5. Director and screenplay writer of Creed (4,7) 

6. Om Prakash Agrawal who founded Mumbai's Bachelorr's, worked at this Marine Lines building construction site (7,4) 

9. Anjali Pathak of Flavour Diaries cooking school in Mumbai experimented with a kind of Indian gourd in this traditional soup (10) 

10.  Bachelorr's introduced their popular strawberries and cream to their menu in this decade (9) 

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