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Weekend Crossword: Connaught's Circus18.03.2016

All clues are culled from bpb's stories this week. A great way to make sure you haven't missed out on any of the good stuff.

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1. Type of cheese that is used in Bun Intended's Dizzy Duck burger (8)

3. One of the international labels that Sunita's Synergy Lifestyles produces linen for (4,3)

8. 3 __ __ : Clown Daniel Nicolae Bratosin was a backup dancer for this Romanian boy band (3,3)

10. Our bike taxi ride from South Point Mall to Sikanderpur metro station took ___ minutes (7)

11. One of the ingredients used in Tamasha's Xing Xing mocktail (8)

12. Director of Eye In The Sky (5,4)


2. Daniel Bratosin likes to exaggerate this facial feature (8)

4. Flavour of vinaigrette that features in Bun Intended's Spring salad (10)

5. Sunita Namjoshi's favourite Yamini products (5)

6. The highlight of our meal at Tamasha (5,4)

7. The pick of Gurgaon's bike taxi apps (4)

9. Hindu scripture referenced in Vikram Chandra's Mirrored Mind (3,4)

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