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Weekend Crossword: Bunny Ciao23.10.2015

All clues are culled from bpb's stories this week. A great way to make sure you haven't missed out on any of the good stuff.

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4. Achintya Anand of Krishi Cress worked at this two Michelin star Scandinavian restaurant in New York (7)

6. One of the more palatable drink options at Lord of the Drinks at Connaught Place (5,4,7)

10. Artists whose works will be exhibited at the India Habitat Center on Saturday (5,5)

11. The chicken wings at Piano Man Jazz Cafe are flavoured with this popular rum (3,4)

12. Achintya Anand of Krishi Cress has teamed up with a farmer in this Haryana town for different varieties of mushrooms (7)

13. Seeds used in Jamie's Pizzeria's Italian slaw salad (7)

14.  Die Hard star who will be seen in Rock The Kasbah (5,6)


1. Sauce that is served with Zzaqo's French Fries (6,7)

2. Type of mayonnaise served alongside The Village Deck's chicken malai tikka sushi rolls (6)

3. This veggie pizza was the highlight of our meal at Jamie's Pizzeria (6,7)

5. Crayon Art opened their Lado Sarai gallery with an exhibition dedicated to this artist's prints (4,4,5)

7. Vinyl collector Lakhwant Singh used to buy an LP for ___  rupees in the 60s (8)

8. One of the many dapper accessories you'll find at AntarDesi at Shahpur Jat (9)

9.  African stew on Zzago’s menu (5,4)



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