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Weekend Crossword: Bun Intended22.01.2016

All clues are culled from bpb's stories this week. A great way to make sure you haven't missed out on any of the good stuff.

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1. Public Affair's New York street-style chelo kebab is overlaid with a ___ __ (5,3)

5. This artist is trying to rebuild an arts library in Baghdad through a Kickstarter (5,5)

6. This ingredient passes for the "flavours of old Delhi" in Burger Singh's Dilli-6 fries (5,6)

9. One of the luxury brands Frock Island's Shruti Charan has worked with (6)

10. Michael Madsen's character in The Hateful Eight (3,4)

11. This accompaniment is served alongside Korner House's double pork chops (5,4)

12. She just won the DSC prize for South Asian literature (8,3)  


2. Some of the customers at Third House have popped in with their mum's ___ recipe (5)

3. This chutney is used in Korner House's Watermelon Battons (5)

4. The Bihari gosht burger at Burger Singh's is fiery with ____ (5)

7. Public Affair's wall art features this playwright in headphones (11)

8. Filmmaker Danish Aslam would love to see this Delhi favourite on Mumbai's restaurant menus (4,7)

10. Shruti Charan intends to make dresses as ubiquitous as ___ (5) 

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