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Weekend Crossword: Outside The Lines 08.01.2016

All clues are culled from bpb's stories this week. A great way to make sure you haven't missed out on any of the good stuff.

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1.  These florets are used in I Say Organic's pita pocket's stuffing (8)

2.  You won't find this seasoning in the food at Meditating Monkeys, a new hostel in Bangalore

4.  This seaweed features in One Street Over, Mumbai's vegetarian congee (5)

8.  This is one of many ingredients used in CAARA Cafe's Super Foods salad (12)

12.  The hairstylist Raaj Gupta wants both SRK and you to go ___ this year (5)

13 Ac & 10 Dn. Junglee Billi's bhel is served in a stainless steel __ ___ (4,5)

14.  This is what Daisy Ridley's character is called in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (3)


1. This is Meditating Monkeys' Vineeth Vincent's trusty bike (6)

3 Dn & 11 Ac. This is one of the more experimental dishes on Junglee Billi's menu (7,4)

4.  This cocktail at Mumbai's One Street Over is an Old Fashioned loaded with spices and orange zest (10)

5.  Illustrator Kanika Jain Gupta plans to create a colouring program for the inmates of this prison (5)

6.  This is spotlighted as art at I Say Organic, an online-grocer-turned-cafe at Saket (7)

7.  Kanika Gupta is a long time student of this meditation technique (9)

9.  CAARA at the British Council in Connaught Place reminded us of the cafe at this Los Angeles museum (5)


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