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Weekend Crossword: DND04.12.2015

All clues are culled from bpb's stories this week. A great way to make sure you haven't missed out on any of the good stuff.

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1. Soon to be shuttered Starboard's bartender Lancelot Raphael Quadros' drink of choice (6) 

5. The Bardolators, Danish Sheikh's rag-tag Shakespeare troupe occasionally rehearse outside this restaurant (3,7) 

6. One of the four yoga styles you can sign up for at Yoga Gallery at Juhu (7) 

8. A puzzle that Starboard's Lancelot Raphael Quadros uses to engage his guests (10)  

11. One of the services offered by T24 Residency (5-2,6)

13.  This invention won Paul D'Souza the National Geographic Shaping the Future award a few years ago (7,7)

14. Yoga Gallery system which is ideal for travellers and people who can't commit to class timings (5,4) 


2. An Old Monk quarter at YMIA Roof-top Bar & Restaurant at Bangalore will set you back a mere ___-___  rupees (7-5) 

3. Bangalore based inventor Paul D'souza restored this church's pipe organ (8) 

4. Rusty and the ____ ____ : Ruskin Bond's latest Rusty adventure novel (5,8)

7. Bar at T24 Residency, a new transit hotel near Mumbai's international airport (5) 

9. He plays the roles of identical twin gangsters Ronald and Reggie Kray in Legend (3,5)

10. Besides Shakespearean characters, the Bardolators also take on the role of ___ guides at Cubbon Park (6) 

12. Non-vegetarian vadas on YMIA Roof-top Bar & Restaurant's menu (6)



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