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Weekend Crossword: New Wave 23.01.2015

All clues are culled from bpb's stories this week. A great way to make sure you haven't missed out on any of the good stuff.

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3. Raffael Kably of Go Left surf clothing manages the Soul & Surf hotel in this city in Kerala (7)

4. Experimental Indian classical band that will be performing at Hard Rock Cafe in Gurgaon on Thursday (9)

6. Rio Kapdia hopes that his ships will encourage customers to appreciate ____- constructed items (4)

7. Felicity Jones plays the role of ____ Hawking in The Theory of Everything (4)

9. The name of Keith Richards' autobiography that you will spot on musician Uday Benegal's bookshelf (4)

10. Restaurant listing website that is currently looking for a Content Associate (6)

12. Armchair detective who grows orchids in midtown Manhattan (4,5)

16. BC/MC is inspired by these fan- zines from the 80s and 90s (4,5)

17. Suniti Dhindasa recommends serving her apple cinnamon preserve as an accompaniment to ____ _____ (4,5)

18. Michelle Pike Kalsi's grandmother was fascinated by this vegetable (8)

19./5. ___ ___ cake with treacle: one of Georgia Dakota's more interesting offerings (9,6)


1. A conversation on this social network led to the initial issue of BC/MC (8)

2. Kichu Dandiya studied Jewellery Design at London's Central ___ ___ College of Art & Design (5,7)

5. See 19 Across

8. ___ Rani: Sneh Nihalani's sari which has an illustrated motif of the Buddha with lotus designs (5)

11. The only clothing items Go Left currently sells (1-6)

13. One of the motifs Kichu Dandiya draws inspiration from (7)

14. The number of days Rio Kapadia takes to build a miniature ship (5-4)

15. Sneh Nihalani's Monsoon Rani sari features ___ motifs (7)

17. Suniti Dhindasa's ____ and ginger preserve goes well with strong cheeses such as Brie and Manchego (4) 

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