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bpb Crossword: Magic Beans20.11.2015

All clues are culled from bpb's stories this week. A great way to make sure you haven't missed out on any of the good stuff.

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5. Welsh quartet who will perform at the Giants of Jazz festival at The Piano Man (5)

6.  Sauce served alongside Cafe Dalal Street's pan-fried dumplings (6)

7.  Blue Tokai at Saidulajab sources this from Mason & Co (5)

8. Director Saleem Shah's movie that will be screened at Alliance Francaise on Saturday is inspired by this Woody Allen anthology (4,7)

11.  Christoph Waltz plays the role of this character in Spectre (7)

12. This pizza at Designerwala Cafe is high on salt (9,8)

14. Shillong's insect delicacy that is sold in the lanes of Iewduh (3,9)  

15. One of the many noticeable flavours in Blue Tokai's Attikan-Nachammai estate blend (7) 


1. You'll find these under the ‘Skin and Beauty’ section of Designerwala Café’s menu (6)

2. Cheese used in Big Fat Sandwich's Old School and Say Cheese sandwiches (5) 

3. St Anthony's Botanical Garden in Shillong is home to many species of ___ (7)  

4. Savoury option at the soon to be launched Cake Away bakery at Safdarjung Enclave (6) 

5. It adds spice to the Spicy Mango cocktail at MasterChef finalist Sarah Todd's new Goa restaurant (5,3,6) 

9. Word favoured by the guy at the counter at Big Fat Sandwich? (6) 

10. Alcoholic ingredient used in Antares’ capellini with clams and half a grilled lobster (5,4)   

13. One of the many cuisines on Cafe Dalal Street’s menu (5) 





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