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  • 29.01.2016
    Import substitution for bread, spring in a burrito and a bus station turned hip featured in this week's stories, and are the basis for this crossword's clues.

  • 22.01.2016
    Iranian food New York-style, Madurai cotton tailored by Stella McCartney's darzis, and burgers crossing the toll road from Gurgaon into Delhi in this week's crossword.

  • 15.01.2016
    New-fangled food in an old neighbourhood, healthy eating that's confusingly greasy, and journalists picking up their own tabs for once in this week's bpb stories.

  • 08.01.2016
    The British Council gets a new cafe, you get a colouring book for grown-ups & incentive to move to Bangalore. Use these clues to recap the last week at bpb.

  • 18.12.2015
    Milkipur, milky ways and massive cakes occupied our last week in Delhi. Recap the space through this puzzle.

  • 11.12.2015
    This time on bpb: a cafe called One Hour, a superhero who surfaces post midnight & drones to watch out for.

  • 04.12.2015
    Check into a new traveller's hotel, a park that Shakespeare loves and a ship on its last voyage. These are the hints to this week's bpb stories.

  • 27.11.2015
    This weekend's crossword tells you about Vaayu, a ticking time bomb and everything you need to know about getting 15% off at your favourite restaurants.

  • 20.11.2015
    Climb the beanstalk, get to Goa, eat insects, kill vegetable biases through this week's bpb stories.

  • 06.11.2015
    Cocktails for Delhi guest Leo Di Caprio, love for Jamie Oliver’s new restaurant and more juice for you in this week’s recap crossword.

  • 30.10.2015
    Delhi fashion designers’ favourite acupuncturist, a start-up whisperer and Dylan’s music will test your bpb knowledge this week.

  • 23.10.2015
    Revisit our favourite bpb stories through African food, Jamie Oliver’s pies and a mushroom farmer in Haryana.