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There's a spool of gold spiked lace in Delhi and you could trim a nightmare or a couture dress with it, depending on where your imagination takes you.

Which is what we took plenty of as we stepped inside Prakash Collection, a decade old ribbon shop in Nehru Place. Buried deep inside the tech-heavy lanes of this market, here the walls look like they're made of buttons; rows of multi-coloured lace act as curtains; and high up, as if they were beams holding the ceiling, are muted grey busts wearing detailed collar necklaces.

We like to think of Prakash Collection as Delhi's version of New York's Mood Fabrics, the store Project Runway contestants shop at before a challenge.

Keep Me In Stitches

We like to think of Prakash Collection as Delhi's version of New York's Mood Fabrics, the store Project Runway contestants shop at before a challenge. Spools of lace trip over each other, as the store assistants hurry to neaten the place up. “Each time a customer wants to test the ribbons and lace, we need to take the entire spool out”, was the patient explanation shared. We were drawn to neon ribbons, some decked out in sequins and some in beads, sure that together they could make up a wicked Pia Paurro dress.

The walls of lace and ribbon display patterns, from polka dots and florals to finds like an Alice in Wonderland themed ribbon complete with the Queen of Hearts and her dancing army. These are available in leather, suede, lycra, nylon, satin, silk and can be used for any purpose, from dresses to laptop cases and clutches. We couldn't get enough of the spiked lace in metallic, a smattering of which would turn a boring dress into a conversation starter.

Don't Rib(b)on Me

The easy-to-navigate layout of the store let us walk around and spend hours touching and scrutinizing prints without tiring us out. We spotted a forlorn opal button with a wilted flower on the side, the kind Murakami's protagonist would wear on her dress. Vintage buttons embossed with seals reminded us of wartime promises and tiny metallic ones replicated different fruits.

With an equally vast collection of beads, tassles, zips, another outlet in Lajpat Nagar and the promise to customise a lace if you bring a picture, Prakash collection, is, if nothing else, cute as a button.

Getting There: Prakash Collection, 104, Guru Angad Bhawan, 71, Nehru Place, call 64560098. Rs 1,200 for a ready made collar necklace.

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