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The Door’s Last Sigh

Puns aside, the narrator of Salman Rushdie’s novel, Moraes Zogoiby, would have found this store useful after his final escape from Alhambra, when he complains about the lack of church doors to which he may nail his final discourse: Zahoor & Sons is a twenty year old store specialising in used doors that sits at the mouth of the ITO flyover at Laxmi Nagar, bathed in dust and surrounded by piles of cement from neighbouring construction shops.

It lends itself to countless metaphors, this little warehouse that you walk into only to be surrounded by old doors in various states of disarray, each one leading to another. You think about missed opportunities, the circle of life, how many great Instagram photos you can take.

You can also do some serious shopping: ferret about, coat your fingertips with dust, and score a massive rectangular mirror edged with fleur de lis patterns for only Rs 600 (this would look great on the ceiling); sheets of stained glass carelessly tucked behind a peeling white door; sections of iron trellis just begging to be painted a funky sky blue.

The shopkeeper assures us that a new batch of doors are arriving next week, including “fancy” versions with antique engravings. He also points out a massive door that comes with its own window on the side. “Teak,” he says helpfully. But we like an iron gate better, with one windowpane shattered.

He won’t fix it, he says, nor will he install it in your house. All he’ll do is sell it, and the rest is up to you.

A literary metaphor if we’ve ever heard one.

Getting there: Zahoor & Sons, S 515, School Block, Shakarpur, call 9953917550,9871009550, 7503741650, Rs 1,500 for a large teak door.

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