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***This ad is sponsored by Butterfly Ayurveda***

Wings drooping a little lately? Take a deep breath and take this plunge into a journey that promises to bring the colour and lightness back into your life. Over a seven-week programme, Butterfly Wellness takes you on a journey deep within, allowing you to holistically be good to yourself though a series of workshops and talks at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. On each weekend, you’ll meet with a martial art teacher, a clinical psychologist, a yogi, an Ayurveda and a modern science doctor who’ll offer a workshop to guide you into a series of well-rounded healthful practices that’ll help the stress fall away and bring new focus for your mind and body.

This programme takes you through a variety of wellness-focused practices that’ll set your boat afloat. In the first workshop, Shifu Kumar, a Shaolin warrior monk, will teach you Qi Gong practice to channelize the flow of vital energy and open the 12 meridians of your body. On 19 August, you’ll take a stab at being one with nature by learning to change your diet and nurture your body through Ayurveda. All through the duration of the programme, you get to participate in Yogi Arun’s practice and work on your flow with him. Feeling lighter already?

Time for a warm-up stretch -- and then start fluttering those butterfly wings, you cute caterpillar.

Getting there: The workshops are on weekends between July 22nd and 9th September. For registrations, log on to or call 8287 357 357.

***This ad is sponsored by Butterfly Ayurveda***



Wake up to daily updates on what to eat/shop/do in your city

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