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Boys, a suit-or from Bombay is asking for your hand, as well as your shoulder and chest measurements. The Bombay Shirt Company, stabled in Kala Ghoda, has ridden up with clotheshorses and tape between teeth to set up its custom tailoring shop in Meharchand Market. Stripe up an acquaintance. 

Swatch Bharat

Some natty dressers in the capital (hello to our former editor!) have long been hip to Bombay Shirts, which began as, and still offers, custom shirt-making services online. Others may wonder what a tailoring service that doesn’t make kurta-pyjamas is doing in central Delhi.

Khan’s Famous Four tailors needn’t worry about business coming apart at the seams yet: there aren’t even any Nehru jackets on these racks.

Khan’s Famous Four tailors needn’t worry about business coming apart at the seams yet: there aren’t even any Nehru jackets on these racks, although that may change soon. Expect for now a little slice of Fort when you walk into this tall two-storeyed shop, complete with patterned flooring from Bombay’s old-school Bharat Tiles, teak-topped staircases, and pictures of their hometown.

Once you’ve taken in the samples on the rack, the helpful staff will work with you to pick from an array of prints, textures and thread counts. You can customise everything from collar to cuff, and add pockets, gussets, elbow patches and dozens of other details. (Beware: we expect to see those epaulettes and monograms at many wedding dinners this winter.) 

Placket To Me

The shop’s linen collection is uniformly impressive, and the price and experience of making a linen shirt here may well compare favourably with ordering one at Haryana Handlooms. Fabrics with tiny, playful seahorse and trumpet prints score points for attractiveness. Our favourite is a cracked denim shirt, beautiful to the touch.

We enjoy the look of an ox-red blue checkerboard Egyptian cotton, but are wary of other checks in store: at least two or three are so large that only a Telugu film star could pull them off. (A Chiranjeevi collection for the honourable MP, perhaps?) Rejection letters also go to textured white samples that suggest black piping on plackets and cuffs: our stars will never align with these.

A Chiranjeevi collection for the honourable MP, perhaps?

The women’s blouses are more boring, and occasionally downright tacky — even a nice black silk shirt easily be mistaken for a half-price Myntra or Shopnineteen item. This, alas, appears to be a nationwide failing. (Read the Mumbai store review here.)

If you think the beginning of a beautiful friendship is based on someone knowing the thread count of your shirt and the legacy of your collar, arrange a match here. They’ll copy your favourite shirt, come home on appointment with a stylist, and alter clothes up to two weeks after they’re delivered. Dear gents, this is how marriage material is made.

Getting there: Bombay Shirt Company, 115, Meharchand Market, for online services. Prices range from Rs 1700 to Rs 35,000.

Accessibility: Stairs-only access to both floors.

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