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Imagine wedding cards that bloom into marigolds, a Do Not Disturb sign that sprouts tomatoes, a conference nametag that turns into herbs.

Adding all this horti to your culture is Tomato & Co, a recently-launched company that specializes in plantable paper, texturized sheets embedded with seeds that when sowed, can grow into a range of plants including lavender, sunflower, orange, basil, parsley, lemon mint, jasmine, tomatoes and more.

Shop the almost-blooms on their website and you’ll find that the folks at Tomato & Co are determined to help you go green in every aspect of your life, providing plantable conference nametags and music festival wrist bands, as well as coasters, business cards, coffee cup sleeves, postcards and anything else your green thumbs desire. If you’re still trying to find the dirt on Tomato & Co, check with Kissan, Unilever and TEDx, a few of the companies that they’ve created blooming merchandise for.

As for us, we plan to write you a poem you can plant, and watch you turn into The Solitary Reaper.

Getting there: Tomato & Co, visit, call 9950457555 or email, start at Rs 200 for a set of visiting cards and Rs 300 per coaster.

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