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Waist management in Delhi just got a whole lot more efficient, as ZONE'57 jogs into town. Say hello to the Capital’s brand new boutique fitness studio where technology, science and energy come together to create exhilarating experiences. ZONE'57 opens its doors on November 12, but you can register for classes now.

See below our favourite reasons to sign up:

PAY AS YOU USE: You no longer have to lie to your attendance-checking gym buddy when you skip a class. Plus, planning that spontaneous trip gets easier with ZONE'57’s pay-as-you-use memberships. Commitment phobes, this ones for you.

EXPERTISE: ZONE'57’s highly skilled trainers who “support, motivate and entertain you to get into the best shape of your life”. No commitment and unconditional support? ZONE'57, are you single? The fitness studio will also run small group training programs where special attention is given to every single member of the group. 

SPECIALLY DESIGNED FITNESS PROGRAMS: Their special F-series workouts enable you to move better and faster, get stronger and last longer. They target specific problem areas and are designed to maximize fat burn, boost metabolism, improve posture and “chisel your core”. We’ll take one of each, please!

TECHNOLOGY: All Zone’57 workouts are backed by scientific calculations and your heart rate is monitored in real time by MYZONE to help you achieve peak performance. A fun way to compete with your gym buddy is to collect ZONE'57’s effort points and compare notes with friends.

So get off your couch and sign up now, to get in shape for that New Year outfit you know you’re not going to fit into.

Wondering what ZONE'57 is all about? Here's a sneak peek into the world of ZONE'57, Vasant Vihar. Come and experience it yourself! Register for trial class here:

Getting there: Call 9333333757, Visit the website here.  Follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Watch the brand video here.
***This post is sponsored by Zone’57 ***


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